BEYOND OIL LTD (NASDAQ:BOIL) Beyond Oil Launches Commercialization Stage in the North American Market With 2,000 KG Order from TEJA

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23/11/2022 13:50

VANCOUVER, B.C. and KIBBUTZ YIFAT, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / November 23, 2022 / Beyond Oil Ltd. (CSE:BOIL) ("Beyond Oil" or the "Company") a food-tech innovation company extending the life of frying oil, reducing costs and waste, is pleased to announce that following its news release dated July 19, 2022, TEJA Food Group ("TEJA"), a distributor of Beyond Oil's product in Canada and the United States, has successfully completed Beyond Oil's product testing. As a result, TEJA has signed a purchase order for 2,000 kg of Beyond Oil's product that will be integrated into selected restaurants in Canada.

"In the past few weeks, our team conducted extensive in-house testing of the Beyond Oil formulation," said Tom Grande, President of TEJA. "Using feedback from prior in-restaurant trials, the Beyond Oil product has been refined and improved and, based on the results of our testing, has the potential to be a true game changer for fry oil users. Those results encouraged us to immediately start commercial distribution."

"We are pleased with the results of this testing program with TEJA," said Dr. Tamir Gedo, CEO of Beyond Oil. "Working together with TEJA allowed our team to make modifications that increased the density of the product, improved the efficacy, and resulted in a faster and easier dispensing method. All-in-all, we agree that this could be a real game changer for the food industry, and we are excited to begin commercial distribution in North America through TEJA."

Product Highlights

Frying Oils Recovery: Extensive testing indicates that Beyond Oil's product extends the usable life of frying oil, improves product quality, and reduces frying oil costs. As a preferential adsorbent, the product reduces soluble impurities formed during the frying process that cause damaging free fatty acids ("FFA") and polar compound formation, undesirable odors, off-flavors, and off-colors. The product is simple to integrate into existing daily filtration processes.

One-of-a-Kind: To the Company's knowledge, Beyond Oil has developed a unique solution that can eliminate FFA almost completely without damaging oil quality. This solution compares to other filter powders that have existed for years that can only marginally reduce FFA levels.

Patent Protected: The Company has a portfolio of registered and patent-pending solutions that extend the shelf-life of produced and used vegetable oils.

Bottom-Line Savings: Beyond Oil's unique value proposition is that it could dramatically lower costs for quick service restaurants by significantly extending the useful life of the oil while retaining the original taste profile.

Distribution Ready: The Company received a non-objection letter from the US Food & Drug Administration ("FDA") in March 2022, on the basis that all the Beyond Oil product ingredients meet food-grade specifications of the FDA. In May 2022, Beyond Oil received a non-objection letter from Health Canada and a National Sanitation Foundation certification. In September 2022, Beyond Oil received a non-objection letter from the Israel Ministry of Health for use of the product in Israel.

How Our Product Works

The Beyond Oil solution integrates with existing processes as a processing aid or as a filter aid. The process includes passive microfiltration designed to remove all components through a combination of active filtration by the powder and passive filtration by a microfiltration paper. This process ensures no residue is left in the oil while maximizing the efficiency of removing other degradation particles.

Connect With Us

To receive news and updates about Beyond Oil, visit: www.beyondoil.co

About Beyond Oil Ltd.

Beyond Oil is a developer and manufacturer of an innovative proprietary and patented formulation which reduces the free fatty acids from cooking oil to as low as 0.1% while preserving the oil's quality and nutritional values. Beyond Oil's unique technology and methodology integrate into customers' existing oil filtration systems by extending the life of frying oil, reducing costs and waste. For more information visit: www.beyondoil.co.

About TEJA Food Group

TEJA Food Group is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and continues to evolve and become a boutique food company that deals both in Canada and the United States. Their motto is Global Source: Local Values and they continue to add new items to their line up every month. Its focus has been food service, but it is expanding quickly into retail, both traditional and the on-line world. The recent purchase of Canadian Trade House allows TEJA to expand into the C-store and hotel sectors covering the full range of customers. TEJA also continues to expand its product offerings, keeping customer needs at the forefront of its development. Through its customer distribution channel, TEJA ultimately reaches over 20,000 restaurants and food service and retail companies in Canada and the United States. TEJA continues to expand its product offerings from traditional seafood to value added seafood, appetizers, premium proteins, breakfast offerings and a range of specialty retail products. For more information visit: https://tejafoods.com


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CEO and Director

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