ALTA GLOBAL GROUP Alta Global Group Unveils Vision to Re-establish Mixedmartialarts.com as the Leading MMA Community Hub

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11/04/2024 13:20

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / April 11, 2024 / Alta Global Group Limited (NYSE American:MMA), a pioneering technology company dedicated to transforming the landscape of martial arts and combat sports training, announced today an update on its recent acquisition of 'The Underground' and mixedmartialarts.com, which will become a core pillar of Alta's strategy to connect with MMA fans and grow combat sports participation globally.

The acquisition of 'The Underground' and mixedmartialarts.com offers Alta Global Group several key advantages that reinforce its position as a premier destination for martial arts and combat sports training:

1. Accelerated Growth: Leveraging mixedmartialarts.com brings significant reach with;

  • A combined user base of 530,000,
  • over 9,000 published athlete profiles,
  • 5 million social media followers,
  • and 15 million monthly views,

Providing Alta Global Group the opportunity for exponential growth in the industry.

2. Access to a Premier Platform: By acquiring mixedmartialarts.com, Alta Global Group gains access to a very highly regarded online platform with a rich history dating back to 1998. This acquisition presents exciting opportunities to engage audiences in support of growing the sport of MMA.

3. Strategic Expansion: This partnership enables Alta Global Group to strengthen its online presence in the martial arts and combat sports community across key markets, including the US, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and the Middle East.

Alta Global Group CEO and Founder Nick Langton commented, "Our vision is to harness the passion and knowledge of mixedmartialarts.com and ‘The Underground' MMA community, which has been instrumental in shaping growth and participation in the sport for over 25 years. By empowering the community and leveraging its extensive reach and influence, we aim to re-establish mixedmartialarts.com as the most trusted and authentic voice in MMA and a premier destination for all fans and participants of the sport."

The impact and influence of Reddit is evidence of the power of community forums

"The recent listing of Reddit underpins the significant value inherent in Alta's acquisition of mixedmartialarts.com and ‘The Underground'. By harnessing the power of forums and community led social platforms, Alta is excited to unlock the value within its vast network of millions of passionate MMA and combat sports fans. We are focused on elevating the platform to become the dedicated destination for 640 million fans of mixed martial arts to unite as a community, connected by their love of the sport," said Langton.

"In our mission to grow the sport of martial arts by bridging the gap between fandom and participation, our acquisition of mixedmartialarts.com brings unparalleled strength to our portfolio," continued Langton. "Globally ranked in the top 3 in search for mixed martial arts, boasting 530,000 user profiles, 15 million monthly views, and 5 million social media followers, mixedmartialarts.com significantly strengthens our online presence in the martial arts and combat sports community across key markets, including the US, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and the Middle East."

Alta Global Group Vice President of North America Rich Chou commented, "As a cornerstone of the MMA community for over two decades, 'The Underground' has played an integral role in shaping the evolution of mixed martial arts. By adding 'The Underground' and mixedmartialarts.com to its portfolio, Alta Global Group solidifies its position as a leader in the martial arts and combat sports arena, further enhancing its ability to connect with enthusiasts and drive engagement and growth of this incredible sport."

Chou further reiterated his enthusiasm for the partnership, "Mixedmartialarts.com aligns seamlessly with Alta's vision of uniting industry-leading resources and communities to foster growth at the grassroots level. By integrating 'The Underground' and mixedmartialarts.com into our platform, we want to recreate the halcyon days of the website and social platform that shaped the growth of MMA and The UFC in the early 2000s."


Alta Global Group Limited is a technology company that is enabling the global martial arts and combat sports industry to maximize the monetization opportunities available to the sector by increasing consumer participation in the sport and building upon existing community offerings within the sector. While the Company believes martial arts and combat sport gyms have a superb in-gym product, they are ripe for transformation when it comes to building sales channels, enhancing customer onboarding, optimizing engagement and driving the growth and retention of members and membership revenues within their gym communities. For more information, please visit https:// www.altaglobalgroup.com.

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