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17/05/2019 14:50

The homeopathic medicine manufacturers have been informed today that the preliminary opinion of the Transparency Commission of the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS), in charge of assessing the medical benefit of homeopathic medicines, has been sent to a media.

This preliminary opinion is protected by the strictest confidentiality and is only intended for the laboratories concerned by such assessment in order to put forward their arguments during a contradictory phase.

However, at the time of sending this press release, the homeopathic medicines manufacturer have still not obtained this preliminary opinion.

The fact that a media can be informed of the content of this confidential opinion constitutes a violation of the secrecy of the current assessment proceeding which potentially jeopardizes its lawfulness.

In this context, the Laboratoires Boiron, a French listed company, had to take the decision to suspend the trading of its shares.

Person responsible for financial information: Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot

Contact for financial information: Fabrice Rey

Contact for press: arnaud.delaunay@boiron.fr

Investor relations: +33 (0) - e-mail: boironfinances@boiron.fr

ISIN Code: FR0000061129 (BOI) - Bloomberg: BOI FP - Reuters: BOIR.PA

The group's financial information is online at: www.boironfinance.com

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