ARTPRICE (EPA:PRC) Artprice presents a ranking of Contemporary Art Museums in France based on Google opinions - Methodology and Facts, which have been legally verified

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13/06/2019 18:05

Artprice presents a ranking of Contemporary Art Museums in France based on Google opinions - Methodology and Facts, which have been legally verified

According to thierry Ehrmann, “Artprice's head office is the Contemporary Art Museum known as the Musée l'Organe which manages the ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public, i.e. museum) La Demeure du Chaos, otherwise known as The Abode of Chaos.”

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Methodology: the Organe Contemporary Art Museum which manages the Abode of Chaos wished to measure the Internet popularity of Contemporary Art Museums in France in as reliable a manner as possible.

After consultation with the statisticians and econometricians at Server Group and Artprice we agreed that only Google's ‘ecosystem' (search engine, Google Maps, Google Street View, Google Earth, Google Photos, and others Google applications) is indisputably the only legitimate reference on the Internet, both in terms of the number of users and visibility, but also in terms of reliability with real-time security measures that Google uses to avoid fraud.

Google is the only internet operator to systematically post all the cultural venues of each country all over the world. To date, we are not aware of any Contemporary Art Museum in France that has refused to appear in Google's applications. In fact, Google is today considered by 97% of the French population as the only player to have replaced the old French directories (white and yellow pages). Opinions posted on Google are not influenced or impacted by Google's commercial initiatives or those of any third parties. From that point of view, Google's services are totally unique on the Internet.

The methodology adopted involved identifying all Contemporary Art Museums, whatever their location, with more than 500 opinions/reviews to their names. This high number avoids any distortions that could be associated with smaller samples.

This ranking, legally verified by a notary public, may not under any circumstances be Interpreted as a qualitative ranking; it only provides an econometric analysis of the massive flows of information from Google's databanks. All the museum names mentioned in this ranking, and in particular the description of Google's ecosystem, are the property of their respective authors.

Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d'Or The Organe Museum - The Abode of Chaos 4.6 1,171
Paris The Pompidou Center 4.4 32,483
Paris Louis Vuitton Foundation 4.4 7,721
Paris Palace Tokyo 4.4 5,141
Paris Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art 4.4 1,451
Bussy-Saint-Martin FRAC Île-de-France - The Castle (Park Rentilly Cultural- Michel Chartier) 4.4 883
Paris Jeu de Paume 4.4 863
Le Havre MuMa André Malraux Museum of Modern Art 4.3 1,231
Villeneuve-d'Ascq LaM, Lille, Métropole Museum of Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Art Brut 4.3 1,161
Strasbourg MAMCS, Museum of Modern Art of Strasbourg 4.2 1,640
Toulouse Les Abattoirs – FRAC Occitanie Toulouse 4.2 1,354
Nîmes Carré d'Art-Museum of Contemporary Art 4.2 585
Vitry-sur-Seine MAC VAL 4.2 584
Saint-Priest-en-Jarez (Saint-Etienne Métropole) Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art 4.2 518
Nice Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice 4.1 1,723
Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art 4.1 826
Bordeaux CAPC art museum contemporary Bordeaux 3,9 1,056

Only the report drawn up by the notary public is authentic in terms of the timestamp.

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